Mylswamy Annadurai (ISRO

Mylswamy Annadurai (born 2 July 1958 in Kodhawady near Pollachi in Coimbatore district, Tamil Nadu, India) is a scientist with the Indian Space Research Organization and currently serves as Director, ISRO Satellite Centre(ISAC), Bangalore. Prior to that, he was working as Programme Director for IRS&SSS (Indian Remote Sensing & Small, Science and Student Satellites) that include Chandrayaan-1, Chandrayaan-2, ASTROSAT, Aditya-1, Mars Orbiter Mission and many Indian Remote Sensing missions. Annadurai was listed among 100 Global thinkers of 2014 and tops the innovators list.rnrnMylswamy Annadurai (ISRO) - Behind Chandrayaan 1, India's first moon probernrnThis space probe was successfully inserted into the lunar orbit in 2008 and pushed India's space program into the world map, placing us side by side with NASA and the European Space Agency. Chandrayaan's greatest achievement was the discovery of the widespread presence of water molecules in the lunar soil.

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