Brahma Kumaris Shivani

Life is a unidirectional journey, unfolds after birth and reboots in different body after death. Those who accept this truth, connect themselves efficiently with living purpose and goals. Everyone wish their life to be pleasant, memorable, enjoyable and healthy. But quite more than often, we identify instances, proving us that future is not a matter of predictions & does not limits itself in analytical control. Mahatma Gandhi predicted a nation resembling Ram Rajya which is the live example of failure of prediction. But his teachings were true & practical even in today's context. Father of Democratic India, once said : HAPPINESS is when what you think, what you say, & what you do are in HARMONY. Time has witnessed the Downfall in human behavior, which is presently a product of gradual delinking of action from spirit of law of Karma. Even nature's furious catastrophes are result of human negligence and ignorance of Values & Its implications. It is blunt truth that established trend of promotion of commercial bias system has encouraged devaluation of human value & value system, affecting adversely global well being. Her Excellence in Divinity, Honorable Dadi Janki, Administrative Head of Brahma Kumaris says ourWell being lies in our Acknowledgement of Eternal truth. The day I understand what I think, what I prefer, what I do should be in accordance to requirement of its respective value system, the fragrance of love, satisfaction, & happiness is bound to remain in my life. I will start accepting nothing but Eternal truth. viz. I'm soul, what I get is what I do & in my action subtle law of Karma resides. In doing so I stop blaming others, I introspect myself more & this adds bliss to my life, releasing my thoughts on path of contemplation and self empowerment. Brahma Kumaris is Spiritual Charitable Organization, serving mankind for 77 years to establish Values & Its implications, through direction of Universal, Incorporeal Father of All Blissful souls, Shiv Baba, through His corporeal human medium, Prajapita Brahma, for constructing a society which would comprise all Positive aspects for Better living minus negative aspects of worries. Brahma Kumari's International HQ is at Pandav Bhavan, a complex located at Mt Abu, Rajasthan with operational branch at Shantivan, Abu Road. Throughout the world it has more than 50 Retreat Centers. Therefore, Brahma Kumaris can be considered as a Theoretical World Wide Family as it has its presence in 120 countries with more than 8500 Peaceful Meditation Zones called RAJYOGA centers. Through these centers more than 12 lakhs of its family members are already on path of happiness. Brahma Kumaris believe self empowerment through positive lifestyle, can resolve many simple and complicated issues & enable happiness to get connected with everyone's life. Brahma Kumaris is glorified for its endurance for implications of moral, ethical & value based education in society, irrespective of caste or religion. It is privileged to provide its service on Consultative basis to UN as NGO for Global Peace and Value education. Rajyoga Meditation brings moments of peace & also induces traits (sanskara) which facilitates inner Harmony and bubbling happiness. Brahma Kumaris has more than 19 Wings which takes topmost care of professionals & businessmen, to assist them to use their time for self & society, productively. Brahma Kumaris daily proceeding starts with early morning Meditation, followed by Spiritual discourse, supplemented next with Human service through sharing knowledge, with everyone and each one who has clean heart for learning and developing thyself. Value education creates conducive condition for mind Purity & detaching from body and thereby attain state of soul consciousness. The nectar of happiness then experienced and cherished, deep from the heart.

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