Bhargav Sri Prakash

Bhargav Sri Prakash (born 20 April 1977) is an entrepreneur and engineer of Indian origin who is based in Silicon Valley. He is a former professional Tennis player and junior national champion from India. He is the Founding CEO and the Chief of Product at FriendsLearn, which has offices in Palo Alto California, as well as in Chennai in India and is focused on creating a health and wellness platform to address global health issues. He is the product leader behind fooya!, the crowd-funded health and fitness game as an entertaining way to improve health. He is the inventor and pioneer of learnification, as a design methodology that taps in to the inherent educational value of entertainment, especially games. Fooya is a mobile App that harnesses immersive mobile gaming technologies to deliver a behavior design platform aimed at addressing an awareness, as well as a behavior gap, among children and young adults, as it relates to nutritional health and dietary-lifestyle choices. Fooya is the product of innovations in learnified virtual reality based immersive entertainment. It is increasingly being recognized as a breakthrough in behavioral medicine, that can potentially address the growing epidemic of childhood obesity and lifestyle diseases around the world, by delivering a personalized method to invoke self-efficacy, while creating a scalable regulation mechanism for the consumption of food agents.

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